Complete Parental Interaction ONLY from Orange Moon

Complete Parental Interaction ONLY from Orange Moon

Orange Moon is the only system available that allows the parents of the children you care for connect and view areas of their child's Progress, Photographs, Diaries, Polices, Permissions and more.

Our Cloud infrastructure ensures Speed and Reliability

Our Cloud infrastructure ensures Speed and Reliability

All customer's Orange Moon systems are located on our secure, high speed Cloud infrastructure, ensuring the optimum speed and reliability at all times.

Achieve and Maintain that Outstanding Grade

Achieve and Maintain that Outstanding Grade

Every month more and more Childminders and Nurseries tell us they feel that their Orange Moon system has helped them to achieve or maintain an Outstanding Grade during the recent OFSTED Inspection.

Used in Childcare settings across the World

Used in Childcare settings across the World

Orange Moon is used in childcare settings across the World including the UK, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Cyprus, Qatar and more.

Fed up Drowning in Paperwork?

Fed up Drowning in Paperwork?

Orange Moon will help you to reduce the paperwork in your setting Faster, Easier and Quicker than any other system available.

Support for all Operating Systems and Browsers

Support for all Operating Systems and Browsers

Orange Moon works flawlessly on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems running the leading browsers including Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Continuous Back-Ups to Protect your Data

Continuous Back-Ups to Protect your Data

Every customer's Orange Moon system is backed up EVERY day at two different geographical locations in the UK, you don't need to worry about your data because we take care of it.

Every System has the Highest Level of Security

Every System has the Highest Level of Security

Every Orange Moon system is secured by a 256 Bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, the security technology for establishing an encrypted secure link between your Orange Moon system and your browser wherever you connect from anywhere in the world.

Speech Reocgnition saves you even more time!

Speech Reocgnition saves you even more time!

Why not integrate your Orange Moon system with our recommended Speech Recognition software to save you even more time!

Unlimited in ALL areas of your System

Unlimited in ALL areas of your System

There are no restrictions on the use of your Orange Moon system, you can have unlimited Children, Administrators, Parents, Connections, Photographs, Bandwidth and more.

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If you are a Childminder (Childminding) or a Nursery, Orange Moon can help you, our Software system is a complex, modern and fast, yet a simple to manage system that has been designed & developed to assist you with the forms and paperwork involved around all areas of the EYFS and being a Childminder or running a Nursery, which includes the structure of Learning, Development and Care.

Orange Moon is the most enhanced software package available for childminders and Nurseries and used by more Childcare settings than any other software application and includes: Policies, Permissions, Contracts, Diaries, Menus, Progress, 2 Year Progress Check, Statistics, Bookkeeping, Invoices, Expenses, Short Term and Medium Term Planning, Next Steps, Observations, Individual Learning Plans, Attendance Registers, Risk Assessments, Daily Check List, Fire Drills, Fire Plans, Occupancy Levels, Medical section incorporating Short and Long Term Medications, Accidents, incidents & Existing Injuries and Concerns, Temperatures, Photograph Galleries, Newsletters, QuickMessages, Audio clips, complete Parental Access allowing your parents to view their children's data and photographs and more.

No other system comes even close to the features and benefits that Orange Moon can offer your setting, in fact, only Orange Moon has the complete solution to the EYFS and your paperwork.


Every month we are contacted by numerous customers who inform us they have been awarded an Outstanding Grade during their recent inspection.

They tell us that Orange Moon has helped them achieve this Outstanding grade and a large number of our customers are adamant they wouldn't have received this grade had they not been using the system.

Shown below is a an exert taken directly from one of our customer's inspections, to read more examples taken directly from our customers Outstanding Inspections, click here.


Orange Moon is not just another Nursery Management Software application, it is a software application that enables childminders and nursery staff to complete required paperwork within their setting and all areas of the EYFS quickly and efficiently. There is no other software system available to childminders and nursery staff anywhere in the world that can help you with your paperwork like Orange Moon can and that's fact!

Our fantastic Nursery and Childminder Software includes the following areas:

RoomsAdministratorsParental AccessChildrenPositionsPlanningContractsFood MenusNext Steps
GalleriesDiaryBookkeeping - Invoices / ExpensesProgress Assessment ScalesPoliciesPermissionsAttendance RegisterRisk AssessmentsCommunicate - Newsletter / Quick MessageDaily Checklist
  • Daily Diaries
  • 3x Photo Galleries
  • Short Term (Weekly) Planning
  • ILP's - Individual Learning Plans
  • Next Steps
  • 2 Year Progress Check
  • Observations
  • Bookkeeping - Invoices / Expenses
  • Food Menus
  • Newsletters
  • Medical section incorporating Short and Long Term Medications, Accidents, Incidents & Existing Injuries and Concerns
  • Contracts
  • Occupancy Levels
  • Medium Term Planning
  • Focused Plans
  • Progress - Learning Journal/Journey
  • Permissions
  • Policies
  • Parental Access
  • Attendance Registers
  • Risk Assessments
  • Daily Checklist
  • Fire Drills / Fire Plans
  • Fridge, Freezer, Room and Food Temperatures
  • Audio clips on Photographs


Your personal Orange Moon system is completely limitless in every area, we do not restrict the use of your system in any way, for example you can add as many children, as many administrators and give access to as many of your children's parents as you want.

There are no limits on the number of photographs you can upload to your Orange Moon system.

In addition we do not restrict you on the quantity or the size of the photographs you upload to your system, some of our customers have already uploaded over 75,000 photographs to their systems and saved themselves excessive printing and online storage costs.

Designed and Developed for over a Year with help from numerous Early Year Practitioners and launched in April 2009, Orange Moon is used by more Childcare settings than any other Software Application available and will ensure you meet all required areas of the EYFS and complete your paperwork quickly, simply and efficiently.


From endless hours of paperwork Orange Moon was designed and developed to Free you from paperwork allowing you more time to play.

Remember, play is at the heart of the EYFS, children need to play in order to have fun and in order to begin to understand the world around them.


Only available from Orange MoonParents can login to the system and view their child's Diaries, Progress, Assessment Scales, Observations, Photographs, read & sign your Policies & Permissions, view their Invoices and more.

Complete interaction allows them to leave comments for you and read comments left by you for them.


All areas integrate seamlessly All areas of the software interact with each other, so you don't have to repeatedly enter the same data.

From Diaries to Progress to Planning, EYFS data entry is simplified for you.


With the EYFS Includes Daily Diaries, Medium & Short Term Planning, Individual Learning Plans, Progress / Learning Journey, Observations, Next Steps, Policies, Permissions, 2 Year Progress Check, Bookkeeping and much more.

Also includes 3x Photo Galleries, Admin Levels, Rooms, Menus, Printing and more.


"Customer Quotes"

"Orange Moon has simplified my paperwork and made my whole role much easier. The paperwork was overtaking my whole life and now it is all done in half the time."
Basingstoke, Hampshire.

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